the aura is with me


Welcome to Aura User, the approved fanlisting for Lucario from the Pokémon series (both games and anime). Not sure what a fanlisting is? It's simply an online list of fans where people join to show their support. All that you need is a name, a working e-mail address and to provide your country. If you are a fan of Lucario in any of the games, please consider joining us! Lucario is one of my top favorite Pokémon, so I hope to expand Aura User into a little dedication someday soon. Thanks for stopping by!


Version one of Aura User features Lucario's Sugimori artwork. All other aspects of the layout were made by me or default to the Mac version of Adobe Photoshop CS5, with the exception of fonts downloaded from Dafont. The navigation consists of the links at the bottom of the page.

Fanlisting Status

Script used: Enthusiast
Last updated: 01st January 2023
Member count: 7, from 1 countries (+ 0 pending)

Thank you to Medli for giving me the AFL approved listing. ♥

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